Now is the time to practice yoga


Our yoga approach is a gentle flowing practise incorporating some physio based techniques to ensure alignment is maximised and your body feels the full benefits. Each movement is synchronised to the breath to encourage a mindful practice. With small, intimate classes on offer we are able to offer you a tailored and unique experience. 



Yoga focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing, and promotes good posture. If practiced, its benefits can include greater flexibility, muscle tone, higher energy levels, improved circulation by gently stretching muscles, joints and massaging internal organs, reduced stress and tension, stability for the pelvis and shoulders, body alignment and can compliment other sports by stretching tight muscles.



Yoga is the art of mental, physical and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India. There is much debate on when it was first practiced but many believe it was the sixth and fifth centuries BC – perhaps even earlier, though it didn’t gain prominence in the Western world until the 20th century. Since the 1980s it has become a popular and highly regarded physical exercise, and in more recent years has become more and more attached to the mindfulness movement due to its mental wellbeing values.


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