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The Serenity Barn can help you adapt your lifestyle to enable you to reach your full potential. With a huge range of specialist workshops on offer you will find peace of mind in our expertise, feel rejuvenated by our approach and gain a sense of self-fulfilment in your practice. Our workshops hold a maximum of six people, so you can experience pure tranquillity and unique professional teaching.

happier, fitter and energised

Our workshops are taught in a gentle, yet effective way, that will condition your body and reduce muscular imbalances. Through this teaching you will feel happier, fitter and energised.

candlelit Yin Yoga

These extended yin yoga classes invite you to really unwind at the end of your week, get into your body and create a little breathing space in your life. Yin Yoga offers us the opportunity to sink into a slower way of practicing – by holding poses for a few minutes and allowing our muscles to relax, we work deeper into our bodies, both helping to calm our nervous system and bring more focus to our connective tissues. By quieting our minds and stilling our bodies, we enter a truly mindful practice, allowing ourselves to open up to what is truly present.

Sessions start with a mindful body scan, end with full relaxation and are suitable for all levels of practitioner.

Cost: £15/person, payable on booking

To book your place please contact us

Intro to Ayurveda Workshop

Arm yourself with a wealth of tools to self-care and to nourish your soul!

Often referred to as the sister of Yoga, Yoga and Ayurveda were initially practised along side each other as a whole system approach to wellbeing. Translated from Sanskrit as the ‘Science of life’. Ayurveda is an ancient science of healing that believes the entire universe is composed of five elements. In simple terms these five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) are believed to form the three basic patterns of the human body in varying combinations – The Doshas. Each of us has a unique pattern of physical, mental and emotional energy. By attuning our lifestyles and diets to our unique constitution we maintain the balance within ourselves that provides good health.

The day will begin with a Ayurvedic Yoga class based around the current season. We will then go on to examine our own mind-body types according to Ayurveda and how we can use food, exercise, yoga and other lifestyle practices to manage our unique constitution (dosha).

A delicious light vegan lunch is included and will be served by Harriet’s Healthy Kitchen. This retreat is suitable for teachers and students looking to enhance their knowledge on Yoga & Ayurveda.

Calming the Mind

Wish you had a bit more mental space? Keep thinking you should start a meditation or mindfulness practice but never quite get around to it? Want to figure out how you can incorporate a short meditation practice that is realistic for a busy working life?

It’s true what you’ve heard — a short and simple breathing meditation practice can do wonders to calm the mind & allow us to focus our energy in more productive and enjoyable ways.

Join us for an extended morning session where we will learn techniques to get this practice of being present & dropping into stillness to work for you. We will also talk through misconceptions about what we are meant to do when we practice meditation and how to incorporate it on a practical level into busy daily life.

Cost: £20/person, payable on booking

Core & Hip Awakening

Focusing on what Joseph Pilates called “our powerhouse”, we will enjoy a morning session strengthening our core and hips, the foundation for all our movements. Combining pilates exercises with some flowing yoga postures and mindful breathing, this session will fill you with energy and grounding strength.

Suitable for all levels of practitioner.

Cost: £20/person, payable on booking

Yoga for Beginners – 5 week course

This class will introduce beginners to the basic principles of yoga within a small group setting. Each week you will be guided through a well rounded yoga practice at a comfortable and accessible pace. You will be taught key yoga postures, sun salutations and breath work. Guidance on how to modify and adapt poses to suit your individual needs will also be given if required. You will be provided with the tools to help you learn how to relax your mind and body, as well as build your confidence to attend other classes should you chose to. Classes are delivered in a small friendly environment, with student numbers limited to a maximum of six, allowing you lots of individual teacher attention.

Costs: £55/person, payable on booking

Expanding Energy & Relaxing the Breath

Join us for a beautiful morning learning how to relax our bodies & increase our energy levels with something as simple as our breath. The true source of energy in our bodies is oxygen. It is the fuel that impacts our physical movement as well as our stress levels, energy & digestion. We breathe on average 24,000 times a day, but most of us have developed stress habits in the way we breathe which keeps our bodies in a state of heightened alert, increasing body tension, causing adrenal fatigue & making us feel physically exhausted. The amazing news is that we can change all that with a few simple breathing practices. Come see for yourself!

Suitable for all levels of practitioner.

Cost: £20/person, payable on booking


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