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The Serenity Barn can help you adapt your lifestyle to enable you to reach your full potential. With a huge range of specialist workshops on offer you will find peace of mind in our expertise, feel rejuvenated by our approach and gain a sense of self-fulfilment in your practice. Our workshops hold a maximum of six people, so you can experience pure tranquility and unique professional teaching.


Meditation for Beginners

Think you can't meditate? Still wish you could stop your mind from spinning and experience more moments of calm? Then this workshop is for you! This session will clarify what meditation actually is, rather than what we 'think' it is. You will learn some simple practices that will help you feel calmer & more grounded in your everyday life. There will be muffins & tea, friendly conversation...all in all, a lovely morning. Hope you can join us!

£45/person, payable on booking

Next date: 10,30am-1.00pm. Date on application

Yoga for Stress & Overwhelm

Life can be full-on, but there is an ultimate “tool” that can help.  The breath! Join us to learn how using simple yoga movements to restore natural, deep breathing, and then some accessible yoga breath practices can work directly to reduce stress and help you manage overwhelm. An enjoyable, relaxing session with movement, muffins & tea and lots of practical tips to take-away into your real life.

£45/person, payable on booking.

Next date: 10.30am-1.00pm. Date on application

Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditation is a course that teaching you how to cultivate stillness and calm in your everyday life. It takes place one Sunday a month from 10.30am-12pm. Come to learn the basics of meditation and practice stillness in the quiet of the countryside. Whether you've never tried to meditate before but feel inspired to bring a bit of calm and stillness into your life, or whether you would like some support and inspiration for your current meditation practice, everyone is very welcome

£20/person, payable on booking.

Next date: On application

Intro to Yoga 

Run over 2 hours, this Beginners workshop is the ideal starting point for those new to yoga or those looking to begin a class.

We’ll open the session looking at the essential and fundamental aspects of this ancient tradition. We will also look at the benefits and how it has developed in today’s modern world.

We will then cover breathing techniques, discussing the many advantages they have on our nervous system and how to carry them into your yoga practice as well as your daily life.

From here we move in to looking at the various different types of yoga and the ones that might suit you most. We will transition into the physical practice and work through some of the fundamental postures including sun salutations, standing poses, forward and back bends and simple inversions ensuring you have the foundations of good alignment and the right balance of strength and flexibility. Good alignment is paramount to both avoiding injury and also getting the full benefits of the postures.

In the final part of the workshop we will look at relaxation techniques and how to start a meditation practise before ending with a deeply relaxing guided meditation.

By the end of the workshop our aim is that you will have the confidence to attend a regular yoga class or start a home practise and of course had a positive experience of yoga! It’s a relaxed and informal setting where questions are encouraged. The group is limited to 6 people to ensure a personalised experience.

Drinks are provided during the workshop, as well as yoga mats.

£25/person, payable on booking

Next date: Saturday 8th June 2.30-4.30pm

Yoga Sutras

Over two days, enjoy learning how practical a so-called “traditional text” can be.  This workshop will explore a key aspect of the classical yoga tradition and is a great starting-off point for those who want to take their yoga practice a bit deeper, or for those who want to revisit this inspiring text.

£45/person, payable on booking.

Next dates: 10.30am-12pm. Date on application

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