Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Hi I’m Sarah and among the many hats I wear, I am a yoga and meditation teacher. Like Amy I clearly remember walking out of my first yoga class inspired and thinking, there is something special about this practice! At the time I was studying Indian literature and philosophy as a postgraduate student, and I was very much in an intellectual rather than practical, practicing headspace.

My Journey

So for many years I kept up my practice by going to weekly yoga classes, and studying Indian philosophy at university as if they were two separate things. But over time I got tired of things remaining ‘theoretical’, and more and more I felt a desire to go deeper into the experience of the yogic path. In 2008 I began a three year long yoga teaching training program with my teacher Maarten Vermaase through the British Wheel of Yoga. I have continued my studies of yoga and Tibetan Buddhist meditation since then, and am continually inspired by the depth and breath of the yogic path, but also the very practical ways it can enrich our lives — body, mind and spirit.

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