Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Hi, I’m Lauren and my passion for yoga began in 2011. Prior to this, whilst working
full time as a nurse, I enjoyed attending various yoga classes as a way of looking after myself physically. I was also particularly interested in mindfulness practices as a way of balancing the every-day work stresses that came hand-in-hand with the job. As I practiced more frequently I came to realise that yoga is not just a form of exercise or about what you can or can’t do physically. I soon discovered that there was so much more to it than that!

My Journey

Over the following years I experimented with various different styles of yoga and practiced under many different teachers. As time went on I began to better understand the connection between mind and body, and was becoming increasingly aware of the proven benefits of yoga on wellbeing, and it’s ability to reduce stress. My career as a nurse was fuelled by a desire to help people, and now teaching yoga provides me with another opportunity to do this, but in a completely different way. Through my teaching I aim to share with people the benefits I have experienced, thereby helping others to feel at ease within themselves, both physically and mentally.

My teaching today draws from the various different styles of yoga I have practiced over the years. Combining teachings from the Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga traditions, my classes focus strongly on breath awareness in synchronisation to movement. I feel that yoga works for different people in different ways, and I therefore always encourage the development of your practice in the way that works for you.

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