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All our therapists have undergone extensive training to make sure you get the most from your experience at the barn. Whether you are embarking on a new health conscious lifestyle or want to further enhance your existing experience, our therapists are here to help.


“I really enjoyed how relaxed the classes are and the flexibility to try harder or easier versions of the moves.” – Bella


Owner & Master Yoga & Pilates Instructor

I am Amy, a working mum in a busy world. I try to get things right, that’s my ideal, (I’m a virgo!) but it doesn’t always happen. More often than not I maintain a healthy balance with just the occasional chocolate/wine lapse. I keep a calm approach (most of the time!) My upbringing was holistic, my Dad ran a health store and my Mum is still an acupuncturist. I am one of six siblings, the house was always bustling. You would expect me to be a socialite growing up in such a large family but I’m not really. When I’m not teaching you will often see me walking across the fields with the family James, Bodhi, Jesse, Juniper and our Labrador Skye.


Hi I’m Sarah and among the many hats I wear, I am a yoga and meditation teacher. Like Amy I clearly remember walking out of my first yoga class inspired and thinking, there is something special about this practice! At the time I was studying Indian literature and philosophy as a postgraduate student.


Hi, I’m Lauren and my passion for yoga began in 2011. Prior to this, whilst working full time as a nurse, I enjoyed attending various yoga classes as a way of looking after myself physically. I was also particularly interested in mindfulness practices as a way of balancing the every-day work stresses that came hand-in-hand with the job. As I practiced more frequently I came to realise that yoga is not just a form of exercise or about what you can or can’t do physically. I soon discovered that there was so much more to it than that!


Hi! I’m Su (Sujatha) and I teach Five Seasons Yoga here at The Serenity Barn. I am registered with The Independent Yoga Network as a teacher of a 1000 hours and have been teaching yoga for 12 years. My classes are based on Ayurveda and draw upon other Eastern movement practices such as Qigong, Kalatipayattu (Indian martial arts) and classical Indian dance.


Hello, I’m Diane and have been part of Amy’s team of Pilates & Yoga instructors at the Serenity Barn for 18 months. It is a lovely venue in the Warwickshire countryside. My Pilates journey started over 15 years ago when Pilates was “new” to the majority of people. After a few sessions I was “hooked” and have not looked back. When the opportunity to re-train to become a Pilates came back in 2009 I took it and after several months training both at a dedicated Pilates Studio and Warwickshire College in Henley in Arden I qualified as a Pilates instructor in 2010

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