Ayurvedic Yoga Diploma

PARTICIPATION: this highly experiential and creative teacher training is designed for those who have some experience of attending yoga classes and are familiar with a range of basic yoga postures and practices.  The course may also suitable for existing yoga teachers who want to refresh foundational knowledge and add Ayurveda to their teachings. 


OVERVIEW:  you will learn to teach and adapt asana, pranayama, Mudra and Bandha within the context of contemporary Ayurvedic medicine for a wide variety of students/clients.  This also means examining diet, exercise and lifestyle as part of a whole systems approach to health management and wellbeing.  The course content is informed by research I have undertaken at Warwick Medical School.


OUTCOMES: on successful completion of the course you will leave with a wealth of tools to teach safe, effective and focused yoga classes and design bespoke yoga sessions for individual clients.  You will also be able to offer Ayurvedic wellbeing consultations, workshops and seminars as well as applying your knowledge to your own practice of self-care. You will be able to specialise as an Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher/  therapist.

DELIVERY: teaching and learning takes place in small groups so that time can be dedicated to developing a boutique experience.  Contact hours are balanced between practical and theory with  teaching practice introduced progressively so that students feel confident to teach quite early on in the course.    Post-course support is also available through my mentoring service.  ​A minimum of 6 students is required for all group trainings


STRUCTURE: this 360 hour diploma course comprises of 180 full contact hours and an equal amount of time is dedicated to non-contact hours over 14 months (1.5 day per month).  The non-contact hours focus on experiential learning through living the teachings together with directed reading and short work-sheets.  This means that the non-contact hours should not feel like extra work but rather an exploration of your own self-care so that you can teach from a place of authenticity and with real confidence. 

PORTFOLIO: portfolio building is focused around self-development and  should be fun, engaging and fulfilling rather than an academic exercise.  This is because yoga and Ayurveda are both experiential sciences and need to be lived to be truly understood. Your portfolio of evidence will include:

  • A break down of each posture/practice with teaching points, contra-indications and adaptations

  • Teaching plans and class designs 

  • Self-evaluation and teaching observation sheets

  • Yoga and Ayurveda worksheets focused around directed reading and study

  • Completed consultations and self-care plans for a range of clients/students

  • Lecture notes and any relevant information you have collected as reference material

  • A major part of your portfolio will be dedicated to documenting your own self-care through yoga and Ayurveda.  Examples would be photographing and writing up an Ayurvedic meal you have cooked, capturing a walk in nature while you reflect on the 5 elements, exploring a course topic through poetry, painting or video, writing up how you have experienced a particular 'style' of yoga class you have attended, gratitude journalling or collecting images and information about your ancestors. 

  • Health & safety sheet

  • A & P and First Aid certificate

  • Examination criteria checklist and self-evaluation form


ASSESSMENT: each student will be examined teaching an hour class and will also be given feedback by an external verifier.  A course portfolio of evidence which includes the class plan will also be presented before the examination.  In order to obtain the full diploma a Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology course or equivalent must be successfully completed through another training provider. 


REGISTRATION & INSURANCE: this teacher training can be registered with the Independent Yoga Network (www.independentyoganetwork.org) as a 200hr TTC for newly qualified teachers or a 500hr/1000hr TTC for existing yoga teachers.  This course is also fully insured through Wellbeing Insurance (www.wellbeinginsurance.co.uk).  




  • Foundations of Ayurvedic medicine

  • Assessing mind-body types through Ayurveda

  • How to do an Ayurvedic wellbeing consultation

  • Traditional and contemporary yoga philosophies

  • Hatha yoga practices from an Ayurvedic perspective

  • Exploring a range of asana or yoga 'styles' 

  • Developing yoga as a somatic mindfulness practice

  • Designing yoga classes to suit all levels

  • Adapting yoga classes for a wide range of students

  • Functional anatomy and physiology for yoga teachers

  • How to create 1:1 yoga sessions using Ayurveda

  • Creating bespoke self-care plans with Ayurveda

  • Giving Ayurvedic/vegan diet & lifestyle advice 

  • Ayurveda and women's health & wellbeing

  • Demystifying yoga and making yoga accessible for all

  • Creative strategies to engage, motivate and inspire 

  • Ethics, boundaries and the therapeutic relationship

  • Setting up a business and developing a professional


  • Branding and marketing your unique service


COMMITMENT: 1 Saturday (full day) and 1 Sunday (half day) per month for 14 months from October 2019 + 1 assessment day 

DATES: 2019: 28/29th Sept, 19/20th Oct,  9/10th Nov, 14/15th Dec .   2020: 11/12th Jan, 15/16th Feb, 14/15th March, 5/6th April, 9/10th May,  13/14th June, 11/12th July, 8/9th Aug, 12/13th Sep, 10/11th Oct, 14/15th Nov, 12/13th Dec  

CONTACT TIMES: Sat 9.30 - 6.30 PM & Sun 9 - 1 PM

TRAINING LOCATION: training will take place in the stunning rural location of The Serenity Barn, Bascote, Southam, in the heart of Warwickshire.  The studio is a beautiful barn conversion, fully equipped with underfloor heating.

FEES: an initial course deposit of £500 (group) .  Remainder can be paid in monthly instalments:

  • Full diploma £1895

  • Cost of A&P qualification (external training provider)

  • Diploma assessment fee: £125 (half day)

  • Mentoring/private tuition (p/hr) £40

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