Béa Ware

Béa Ware

Hello, I’m Béa: nature-enthusiast, lover of learning and a mum of two initially inspired by the inquisitiveness of my children in my yoga practice to make the move into training to teach. I now specialise in sharing yoga with children, families and young people, and am a Special Yoga Practitioner for Autism and ADHD.

My love of nature and of science is often incorporated into my classes, whether that’s a nod to the current season or an exploration of a movement pattern to celebrate our unique anatomy. My approach is playful and curious, focusing on what we feel and experience rather than what a practice might look like from the outside.

My Interests

I love the breadth of opportunities which yoga offers to approach things from different perspectives… and love exploring other spaces where I can capture the same awe and wonder, from sharing books at home with my family, to walking in green spaces, stand-up paddleboarding, or just finding really good cake!

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