Amy Bell


Owner & Master Yoga Instructor

I am Amy, a working mum in a busy world. I try to get things right, that’s my ideal, (I’m a virgo!) but it doesn’t always happen. More often than not I maintain a healthy balance with just the occasional lapse. I keep a calm approach (most of the time!) My upbringing was holistic, my Dad ran a health store and my Mum is still an acupuncturist. I am one of six siblings, the house was always bustling. You would expect me to be a socialite growing up in such a large family but I’m not really. When I’m not teaching you will often see me hanging out with the family – we all love everything and anything outdoors – from walking across the fields/coastal paths, long cycle rides or when possible swimming in the sea!

My Journey

The physical nature of yoga was the initial attraction for me – I still remember my first class – no strength, no form just a whole lot of enthusiasm. I left the class inspired; it was a feeling of coming home!​

Teaching came later off the back of an around the world sabbatical and a pretty bad back injury in Australia. During my rehabilitation period I discovered Pilates and this is where my passion for the body was discovered. I had been practising yoga for years, eager to stretch into every move like some kind of contortionist yet my strength was poor. Pilates taught me a completely new approach to body awareness, initially it was gentler than my usual yoga practice but it changed the way I underwent just about every posture– I was fascinated and eager to learn more.


On my return to the UK I decided to pursue my new-found love and underwent teacher training with the Pilates Foundation. Two years later after some pretty gruelling exams I was qualified. Being slightly study-mad (and not wanting to forget my first found love) I went on to complete my Foundations 1 and 2 with the British Wheel of Yoga, followed by the 200hr Yoga Alliance certification. I have recently qualified in pre & postnatal training, restorative yoga teacher training.

The Dream

Since my teaching began in 2010 I have often trudged around cold village halls, dreaming of owning my own studio and being able to offer my clients a more quality venue. In July 2013, my husband James and I moved to the rural hamlet of Bascote, in Warwickshire. At the bottom of our cottage garden sat our very own abandoned and quaint barn – waiting for a new venture in life. After two years of careful planning, saving and sheer determination to make it work, the barn has been given a new lease of life and as of 2016, The Serenity Barn was born and my dream has become a reality.

Yoga and Pilates are what keep me focused and grounded, even when I’m not teaching. They have taught me many things: be present, be strong, fulfil your potential, accept your flaws, slow down. I am still learning…

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