Discover your unique mind/body type & optimise your health
Ayurvedic 6 Week Self-Care Course
Ayurveda is India's traditional system of healthcare and advocates tailored exercise, yoga, diet and lifestyle protocols for your unique mind-body type. Ayurveda also provides effective, easy to use tools to help us to self-care in a demanding and busy modern world. It empowers us to take control of our health and wellbeing and in turn helps us better serve our families and communities. Through this transformative practice we learn to harness the wisdom of nature in order to enhance our body's own capacity to heal.
Whats included?
The first session comprises of an in-depth health screen and consultation to determine your unique mind-body type. We then discuss a programme of self-care which is realistic, accessible and achievable, and set small goals to help inspire and motivate you towards your desired outcome. Depending on your goals the remaining 5 sessions are dedicated to improving specific areas of your health and wellbeing. This may include addressing factors such as diet, fitness, sleep, stress relief or supporting a chronic health condition. From this course you will leave with a set of tools and practices to use for years to come. 
All six sessions will be held in the Serenity Barn.  This beautiful, rural location plays an important part in the process of learning to self-care and provides an ideal environment to reconnect with the healing powers of nature.
Cost & commitment: £360. Six x weekly sessions (1hr 15min) 

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