Let Pilates help you reach your potential

We believe that everyone should try Pilates and therefore offer tailored classes to cater for everyone’s needs and capabilities. Our small classes hold a maximum of six, which allows us to focus carefully on each client and ensure they are getting the best out of each session. Highly alignment based and with the use of equipment, we can help you hone your practice to achieve your individual results. We have extensive training in all areas of Pilates and offer specialised sessions in antenatal, postnatal, back pain, other injuries and classes for athletes.



Pilates is an invigorating form of exercise that will restore your body to balance by improving core stability, strength and posture. As a result, you will move more efficiently, develop longer leaner muscles and gain a greater sense of wellbeing whatever your age and fitness level.​ Some of the other benefits Pilates can offer include muscle toning and flexibility, easing stress on joints, increasing stability of the pelvis and shoulders, more efficient and supportive centre, a flatter tummy and improved mobility of the spine. It compliments training for athletes who are preparing for competitions, games and marathons as well as facilitating injury prevention. It is also a safe and beneficial form of exercise for antenatal and postnatal women, and supports a wide range of medical conditions including arthritis and osteoporosis.




Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920s during the First World War where he developed this physical fitness method to help injured soldiers. German born, Pilates was known to be a frail child who suffered many ailments including asthma and rickets – his determination to beat these illnesses and his love of sport helped him achieve in gymnastics, diving, skiing, boxing, self-defence and even circus performing. He later developed a famous New York ‘body-conditioning gym’ and a method called ‘Contrology’ which is now known as Pilates.

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