Summer Day retreat

Suitable for all, including complete beginners. Come and join Helen Campbell (Balance Yoga) for a whole day of yoga, self-nurturing, good food and a complete break from the demands of day to day life. A seasonal focus, allows us to connect to our own nature and to build strength and resilience to see us through the rest of the season.

The day begins at 10am, where we will have a chance to settle, to find a place in the room where you’ll be comfortable and to set up your ‘nest’ for the day. We’ll introduce ourselves very informally and get some idea of what our minds and bodies need right now.

The morning typically consist of daily practices that can nurture us for the particular season we’re in. Please be assured that the practices are suitable for anyone including complete beginners. We then break for lunch with seasonal ingredients – hand made by myself and my mum who makes the best cakes.

In the afternoon we allow ourselves time for deeper nurturing, exploring a restorative / yin practice where postures are held for a longer time, giving us a chance to find space and ease around the joints and deeper connective tissues of the body. There follows an opportunity to have a sauna and/or reflect and rest in the meditation loft before we have a Yoga Nidra practice – deep relaxation.

These afternoon practices will also be mindful of the season, looking at the elemental and energetic qualities of nature that inform what we might need in our bodies and our minds.

All props are provided, including bolsters, mats and blankets, also includes hot drinks.

When: Saturday 13th July 2024

Time: 10am – 4pm

Cost: £85/person

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