*Sold Out* Introduction to Cold water

This 2.5 hour introduction to cold water with specialist SOMA breathwork practitioner Adam, is perfect for those new to cold water, wanting to dip their toe in for the first time, and those more experienced wanting to further their practice with a professional.

The benefits of cold water exposure are endless, boosting your immune system, improved circulation, better quality sleep, more energy, reduced inflammation, improved metabolic function, better resilience to stress, reduced anxiety and depression, better mood.

Throughout the morning you will be taught breathwork techniques that create energy and heat in the body to help you brave the cold. These techniques are able to help you navigate challenges in your daily life and create resilience within you.

There will be four pools at varying temperatures from cold to ice cold, allowing you to experiment with temperature and time differentials.

The sauna will be fired up too, to further enhance the hot/cold exposure elements. There will be a selection of hot drinks & cakes available, plus our cosy underfloor heated studio to help you acclimatise and fully relax into the experience.

When: Saturday 6th January

Time: 9.30-12pm

Cost: £40/person

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