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The Serenity Barn can help you adapt your lifestyle to enable you to reach your full potential. With a huge range of specialist workshops on offer you will find peace of mind in our expertise, feel rejuvenated by our approach and gain a sense of self-fulfilment in your practice. Our workshops hold a maximum of six people, so you can experience pure tranquility and unique professional teaching.

Workshops & Extended Classes

Monthly Candlelit Yin Yoga

These extended yin yoga classes invite you to really unwind at the end of your week, get into your body and create a little breathing space in your life.  Yin Yoga offers us the opportunity to sink into a slower way of practicing - by holding poses for a few minutes and allowing our muscles to relax, we work deeper into our bodies, both helping to calm our nervous system and bring more focus to our connective tissues.  By quieting our minds and stilling our bodies, we enter a truly mindful practice, allowing ourselves to open up to what is truly present.


Sessions start with a mindful body scan, end with full relaxation and are suitable for all levels of practitioner.

Cost: £15/person, payable on booking

Next Dates:

Friday 27th September 6.30-8.00pm

Friday 25th October 6.30-8.00pm

Friday 22nd November 6.30-8.00pm

Friday 20th December 6.30-8.00pm

4 Week Intro to

Yoga Course

At The Serenity Barn it's our desire to give you the very best foundations to your class. Our 4 week beginners course is designed to do just that - build a solid foundation from the very start!


Its all too common to hear ‘I cant practise yoga, I’m not fit/young/flexible enough!' In reality, everyone can practise yoga.


This course will introduce the main aspects of a well rounded yoga practice building strength, flexibility and awareness according to your individual needs. There will be plenty of repetition to enable you to fully understand the movements and we will build on the classes week by week.

We will explore:


  • Breathing techniques. How breathing impacts our nervous system, how to link breath to movement and how to carry breathing techniques into your daily lives.


  • Physical Postures. We will introduce many of the main postures, including sun salutations, standing poses, forward and back bends and simple inversions ensuring you have the foundations of a healthy alignment and the right balance of strength and flexibility. 


  • Relaxation & Meditation. We will look at relaxation techniques and how to start a meditation practise


By the end of this 4 week course our aim is that you will have the confidence to attend a regular yoga class or start a home practise. It’s a relaxed and informal setting where questions are encouraged. The group is limited to 6 people to ensure a personalised experience.

Cost: £50/person, payable on booking


Course Dates:

Wednesday 31st July 7-8pm

Wednesday 7th August 7-8pm

Wednesday 14th August 7-8pm

Wednesday 21st August 7-8pm

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