Corporate Classes

Find calm and contentment in your corporate life

Many organisations now recognise the benefit associated with workplace wellbeing. We offer a range of Pilates and Yoga sessions to uplift staff satisfaction and motivation, increase wellbeing, relieve stress, cultivate engagement, foster workplace equality, help with physical fitness to reduce sickness, and promote team work and contentment.


Pilates and yoga classes can be held almost anywhere – space permitting. A meeting room where furniture can be moved easily and a place to store mats is ideal. Should you wish to use our facilities we would be happy to welcome you to The Serenity Barn.

Built to Fit Your Business

Workplace classes can be paid by the organisation itself, by a collective of interested employees taking responsibility for the cost themselves or as a combination of the two where the company subsidises the cost and the employees pay a nominal fee.

We would love to discuss your needs and ideas – we are always happy to tailor our classes to the suitability of our client. We look forward to hearing from you!


If you would like to receive further information, find out availability, or book a place; Please contact us

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