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The Serenity Barn can help you adapt your lifestyle to enable you to reach your full potential. With a huge range of specialist classes, private one-to-one sessions and corporate classes on offer you will find peace of mind in our expertise, feel rejuvenated by our approach and gain a sense of self-fulfilment in your practice. Our intimate classes hold a maximum of seven, so you can experience pure tranquillity and unique professional teaching.

happier, fitter and energised

Our classes are taught in a gentle, yet effective way, that will condition your body and reduce muscular imbalances. Through this teaching you will feel happier, fitter and energised.


These small, intimate classes with Su explore our somatic relationship with Mother Nature as we move through the seasons.

In Seasonal Yoga we look to counter-balance the qualities of spring, summer, autumn and winter through practices that support us during these different times of year. Because we approach each season differently you will experience a variety of yoga styles and practices to help you self-care all year round. All classes finish with a nourishing guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra) and a nibble of deep, dark chocolate to ground the senses (think cacao ceremony!).

This class is suitable for beginners.and a nibble of deep, dark chocolate to ground the senses (think cacao ceremony!)


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Complementary to more active ‘yang’ styles of yoga, yin yoga works deeper in the body, particularly around the connective tissues. Postures are held for at least several minutes and most are done sitting or lying down. Due to its nature of holding poses for so long, yin yoga can be a deeply mindful practice.

By giving ourselves more time to release into physical postures, so too we open up the possibility of space within our minds. Each class starts with a grounding meditation and ends in full body relaxation, and is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioner.


Yoga Flow classes with Sarah aim to unite breath and body movement into a flowing sequence that supports and inspires mindfulness.

While practicing a series of yoga asanas (postures) that increase strength, balance and flexibility, students will also be invited to go deeper into the sensations created within the body and to explore the relationship between body, breath and mind. Students of all levels welcome.


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Bringing together the mindful heart of yoga and the focused precision of Pilates, PiYo with Sarah is a perfect fusion class for those who can’t decide between the two.

With a background in yoga, Sarah combines some of the standing and balancing postures of yoga as well as relaxed breathing techniques with mat Pilates exercises that focus on core strength and flexibility. The class ends with a lovely relaxation for a complete balanced workout.


These classes with Diane will be aimed at beginners or those who wish to practise at a slower pace. The classes will gradually introduce the different principles of Pilates, targeting a few areas of the body each week with gradual increase in difficulty as the weeks go on.

Small equipment will be introduced over time to enhance your Pilates experience. Classes will start with a short mobility/warm up, moving into the main section of the class before finishing with a short seated or supine relaxation section.


A relaxed and slow paced class with Lauren which promotes the connection of mind, body and breath. Taking a very gentle approach we will stretch and strengthen the body, as well as challenge our balance and coordination.

As we move with awareness and work with the breath, we will also learn how to relax and quieten the mind. This class is ideal if you are new to yoga, or if you are simply looking for a relaxed and gentle form of exercise.


These classes with Diane aim to balance muscular strength and flexibility whilst simultaneously developing all aspects of core fitness. We will be exploring classical pilates exercises in contemporary and creative ways with plenty of exercise variations using bands, balls, light weights and other small equipment.

Modifications will be given to beginners or for those with physical limitations. Pilates is a challenging yet safe method of exercise used to improve functional movement, core strength and mobility whilst also helping to sculpt a sleek, toned, slender physique and good posture.


These classes with Lauren combine teachings from the Vinyasa Flow and Hatha traditions. Strong emphasis is placed on breath awareness in synchronisation to movement, as we mindfully flow from one pose to the next.

Moving through a sequence of poses we will improve strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance. By bringing awareness to body and breath we encourage the mind to quieten, and allow ourselves to connect with our present moment experience.

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