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The Serenity Barn can help you adapt your lifestyle to enable you to reach your full potential. With a huge range of specialist classes, private one-to-one sessions and corporate classes on offer you will find peace of mind in our expertise, feel rejuvenated by our approach and gain a sense of self-fulfilment in your practice. Our intimate classes hold a maximum of seven, so you can experience pure tranquillity and unique professional teaching.

happier, fitter and energised

Our classes are taught in a gentle, yet effective way, that will condition your body and reduce muscular imbalances. Through this teaching you will feel happier, fitter and energised.


​These classes with Lauren combine flowing and static postures that will have a positive impact on your mental, emotional & physical wellbeing. Strong emphasis is placed on breath awareness in synchronisation to movement, as we mindfully flow from one pose to the next. These classes will help improve our strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. We will also encourage the mind to settle, and connect with the present moment by practising breath & body awareness throughout. Always aiming to find the balance between ease & effort, you will walk away not only feeling challenged, but also refreshed & relaxed!​ Hatha Flow Yoga classes are similar to Vinyasa yoga but less dynamic.

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A relaxed and slow paced class with Lauren which promotes the connection of mind, body and breath. Taking a very gentle approach we will stretch and strengthen the body, as well as challenge our balance and coordination.

As we move with awareness and work with the breath, we will also learn how to relax and quieten the mind. This class is ideal if you are new to yoga, or if you are simply looking for a relaxed and gentle form of exercise.

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slow FLOW with deep relaxation

A slow flowing class with Lauren leading into soothing stretches & stillness after gently warming up the body. Using props to support, we allow ourselves to completely let go into postures with longer holds and also spend more time with breathwork, mindfulness and deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra (the practice of effortless relaxation) is often included in these sessions.

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​Combining elements of Hatha, Vinyasa & Ashtanga yoga, these classes with Lauren include a mixture of flowing movements & static postures with strong emphasis placed on breath awareness. Classes are challenging, but still allow time for the student to align themselves and maintain steady breathing throughout. Moving through a sequence of poses linked to the breath, we will improve our strength, flexibility and balance. By focusing on the body and breath throughout, we allow ourselves to slow down and connect with the present moment. ​Vinyasa classes are similar to Hatha Flow but more dynamic. Some experience of yoga is helpful but not essential.

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PILATES for all

These classes with Diane aim to balance muscular strength and flexibility whilst simultaneously developing all aspects of core fitness. We will be exploring classical pilates exercises in contemporary and creative ways with plenty of exercise variations using bands, balls, light weights and other small equipment.

Modifications will be given to beginners or for those with physical limitations. Pilates is a challenging yet safe method of exercise used to improve functional movement, core strength and mobility whilst also helping to sculpt a sleek, toned, slender physique and good posture.

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