The Serenity Barn

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last few spaces….

.in classes starting next week…💫Beginners & Beyond Yoga • Wednesday 5.30pm – 1 space💫Hatha Flow Yoga • Wednesday 7pm – 1 space💫Vinyasa Yoga Flow • Friday 9.30am 2 spaces To book your space please click here

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We are so excited that Su with her wealth of yoga and Ayurvedic knowledge is back at the barn!  Five Seasons Yoga classes integrate flowing yoga sequences with graceful movements from qigong and other warrior arts. Incorporating Ayurveda “the sister science of … Read More

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Spaces for classes starting in June…

Last few spaces for classes starting next term… Vinyasa Yoga – Monday 7.30pm – 1 SPACEHatha Flow Yoga – Tuesday 10am – 1 SPACEFive Seasons Yoga – Tuesday 7.15pm – 3 SPACESBeginners & Beyond Yoga – Wednesday 5.30pm – 3 SPACESHatha Flow Yoga – Wednesday 7pm … Read More

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Candlelit Slow Flow Yoga

We have one last space available for this Friday. This truly relaxing class combines slow flowing movements and soothing stretches, allowing you to relax more deeply and find greater stillness of mind. The perfect balance of movement, stillness and relaxation these candlelit … Read More

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Sunday Snooze 🙏✨

*NOW FULLY BOOKED* Join Kerry for a dreamy 2-hour “Sunday Snooze”, an extended practice with one goal only – rest. Held in our beautiful candlelit studio in the Warwickshire countryside, set to the soft sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls and the scent … Read More