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Hi! I’m Su (Sujatha) and I teach Flow of Grace, a Hatha-Vinyasa yoga and martial movement practice. I am registered with The Independent Yoga Network as a teacher of a 1000 hours and have been teaching yoga for 12 years.  My classes are based on Ayurveda and draw creatively from warrior practices such as Qigong and Kalatipayattu (Indian martial arts). I believe that the mind and body benefit greatly from moving in different ways. This has lead me to develop an eclectic approach that embraces yoga as an art form as well as a science and holistic health practice. I am committed to making yoga accessible for all ages, sizes and levels of ability and welcome beginners into my classes.
My experience in the health and wellbeing industry spans over 20 years and has included training many yoga teachers around the country.  I am registered as a Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Consultant/Therapist, Fitness Professional and Vegan Lifestyle Coach.  Originally trained in the visual arts, I hold a BA (1st) and MA. Creativity remains at the heart of all I do and has shaped my unique approach to holistic health.

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