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Hi, I’m Caz and I teach Sukhita yoga here at the beautiful Serenity Barn.   Yoga has been a part of my life for more than 20 years, when I first attended a class as a student in Brighton, and certainly ebbed and flowed through my life as I travelled, lived and worked in different countries, finally settling in Warwickshire around 15 years ago and starting a family.  I have now had a regular yoga and meditation practice for around 5 years, and my commitment to this deepens every time I step onto my mat.


I discovered Sukhita yoga in 2017 when I attended my first class with Hugh Poulton and Sarah Haden, who developed this style through a combination of Hugh’s 30-year yoga and meditation practice and Sarah’s more contemporary perspective.  I knew then I had found something different - a style that I could connect with in a much deeper way - which is why I decided to do my teacher training with them in 2018.  I also love practicing Yin yoga, and am really looking forward to bringing this to the Serenity Barn soon, having recently completed my training with Dawn Wright at Whitespace Studio.


I practice yoga because it brings me back to a sense of balance within myself.  A chance to reconnect my mind and body, ground myself and come back to the present moment.  I teach for much the same reasons - so I can help others regain that sense of balance in their own lives, to reconnect with their bodies, re-centre themselves, relax, and develop an inner listening that works both on and off the mat.


Outside of yoga, I live and work on a beautiful organic farm just outside Leamington, home to Canalside Community Food, which I co-founded in 2006.  I also work part-time at the Salvation Army Way Ahead Project, where we help people who are homeless, vulnerably housed, socially isolated, living with addiction and struggling with mental health difficulties.

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