Exciting times ahead for 2021….✨

So at the moment we have had to close in the new lockdown procedures but rest assured we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure we can offer you even more when we do open.  Like many small businesses we are having to adapt our business model to ever changing covid times.

We will shortly be launching our new website, and as soon as covid allows, we will be opening up the barn to various different types of therapies. This includes the launch of our brand new upstairs treatment room.  We will still continue to offer Yoga & Pilates classes but will also be offering a range of other services including personal training, counselling, physiotherapy, chiropractor, osteopathy and massage. We’ve added a few photos below to give you a sneak preview as we wanted you to be the first to know.

If you are a health practitioner looking for a space to see your clients and take their experience to a whole new level then please get in touch. Our introductory rental rates start from just £15 per hour.

We will be in touch soon.

Amy & The Serenity Barn Team x

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